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You got into affiliate marketing because you had an expertise to showcase. You decided to do what you love and make it a side hustle, or if you’re very lucky and talented, a full-time gig! That is amazing, because life is too short not to do what you love!

But if you’re taking your business seriously, and we know you are, you might want to consider expanding your niche. If you think about it, it makes sense that more products give you more reach. For example, if you’re a nutritionist and you decide to expand and add some pet food info, a brand new audience might just sniff you out!

Of course, you want to maintain your expertise and helpfulness for your followers, so you can’t go too wide since you still have to go deep. Even so, you may want to consider a supplemental area where you can easily add affiliate products.

Luckily for you, we’ve done the research for you! Here are some great ideas of profitable additions to your affiliate marketing products.

Health and Wellness

It’s January, and with a new year comes a desire for a new you (well maybe not TOO new, but no one is perfect!) In any case, there’s never a better time to incorporate health and wellness products than in the gym- and nutrition-focused cycle after the holidays. Perhaps you’ve noticed that Costco has set out seasonal exercise equipment, or Wal-Mart has a special markdown on meal containers. These products can be great to highlight for your readers who are probably looking for these exact items!

And don’t forget, this subcategory can also include items for your mental health too, like at-home spa products.

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With TikTok reviews and YouTube tutorials storming the internet, we would be remiss to leave beauty off of this list. It seems a new product goes viral every week, and since the benefits of beauty products can be detailed and confusing, brands love getting help from affiliate marketers. As a trusted voice, you can communicate this information that might be lost in the sea of options.

On top of that, beauty products have such high margins that it is particularly common for beauty affiliate marketers to be given their very own coupon codes. This is a win for your readers, who will save a little money, and a boost for your brand to be professional and far-reaching enough to merit a coupon code with a beauty company.


Fashion is great for so many reasons! Everyone wants to look good, and everyone wants to make a statement.

Fashion is so universal that you might find it easy to incorporate into your affiliate marketing—after all, you’re going to be wearing SOMETHING in the pictures you take! Like beauty, fashion also tends to have much higher commissions than other types of affiliate marketing. And the niches within this niche are virtually endless, since you can choose from everyday, formal, athletic, or even cosplay apparel. In other words, fashion is easily customized to suit your audience.

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The seasonality of décor makes it a joy to explore, but it also helps your content stand out. Beautiful sets or background pieces can catch your followers’ eye, so it helps to have them available as affiliate products! A sale can’t be easier than if it is purely visual and speaks for itself. The best part of décor items is that they big-ticket, so while you might make less sales, you will make more commission.


If you’ve ever had a pet, you know how much work it is to take care of your little fur-baby (or scale-baby, or feather-baby). It can take an army of products from food to toys to travel to grooming. And after all, everyone knows that cat videos rule the internet!

Shared Vision can help you generate more ideas!

We scratched the surface in this article and only discussed the most profitable niches that might interest you. There are hundreds of other areas that you might want to give your attention…and thousands of retailers…and millions of products! If that sounds so overwhelming that you’d rather not bother, think again. Removing the guesswork is what we’re here for.

Shared Vision has a data mine (and by extension, a gold mine!) that takes your best-selling products to give recommendations on what is doing well, and what you might want to avoid. Even if you’re not a data nerd, Shared Vision’s easy to read graphs will be your best friends. Sign up here and discover some innovative and profitable new niches!

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