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What if your words wrote their own paycheck?

You probably make money through brand deals or affiliate links.

You probably don’t make money directly from your words.

We can help with that — and it’s super easy!

Woman celebrating with laptop because she joined Shared Vision inside phone graphic with title "What if you could make money like Google?"

Google makes money selling keywords to brands.

It's almost 80% of their revenue.

You have the keywords that brands want in your posts.

It's time to take advantage of this new income stream.

You can make money selling valuable keywords to brands.

And we have a tool that makes that possible with no extra work.

How to Sell Your Keywords

Apply for Shared Vision and get approved today. We’ll intelligently find your valuable keywords and automatically match them with brands. We place a brand link on the keywords that are purchased by them.

You get paid every time someone clicks!


Linked Keywords Placed on Creator Sites by Shared Vision.


New Clicks for Creators
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Turn Your Words into Wealth

View the demo and see how simple it is.

Once you create, use Shared Vision to automatically place links and get Paid-Per-Click.

Applying and getting started takes less than 5 minutes.

“As busy creators and bloggers, this simple solution will transform the way you work.”

Sunny Side Design

Why choose Shared Vision?

My clicks and sale through have gone up 50%. Shared Vision is a timesaver, and as bloggers, there's so much that we have to do that you need to take some things off of your plate.

Wendy McMonigle

The thing I love most about using the Shared Vision tool? It enhances the reader experience which translates to so many more conversions.

KariAnne Wood

Time is money, and with Shared Vision you can save both! As busy creators and bloggers, this simple solution will transform the way you work.

Sunny Side Design

We are piloting the program now.

If we don’t have a brand that exactly matches your content, then the amount of links will be limited until we do.

However, we are onboarding brands as quickly as possible to fill your keyword inventory.

We are piloting with a few select brands and creators. Please apply to be part of the pilot.

If you are working with brands that you would like to be a part of this program, please introduce us and we will get them setup.

Frequently asked questions

How does the PPC program work?

The Shared Vision Paid-Per-Click program is a brand new earning stream for creators. It is like paid-search meets affiliate marketing.

Shared Vision is partnered with brands who will pay to have no-follow/sponsored links placed for products and services. Once you opt-in to the PPC program, your website will be eligible to have these PPC links contextually placed in your content, optimizing your ability to monetize your website content.

PPC links are placed only on available keywords in your content. Existing links, affiliate, backlinks, etc. are respected. As your audience clicks the PPC links, you get paid per click.

PPC campaigns are for 30 days. At the end of the campaign, the PPC keywords will become available for new campaign placement.

Are PPC links that are placed all no-follow?

Yes! All PPC links placed are no-follow or sponsored links (which function like no-follow links). PPC links will all contain a Shared Vision short link in the form of the domain. PPC links are maintained by the brand during the campaign so that they do not break.

What content is eligible for PPC?

Any website(s) where you own your content. Social media platforms are not supported for this program today but are on the roadmap for the near future.

How do I make money?

You will be paid directly by Shared Vision. Simply opt-in, install the plugin, and verify that you own the website and Shared Vision will do the rest.

We are launching PPC as a pilot program with fixed pricing. Earnings will be small to start. Once we have launched the program in full, keyword pricing will be dynamic, similar to Google keyword purchasing. At that time, earnings will increase.

How will I know how much money I have made?

We provide you with a report by the 5th each month on the number of clicks, and what the per-click average worked out to be for the previous month.

How often will I get paid?

15 days after the end of the month as long as the payment amount is over $25.

Are the affiliate links that I have placed on my website affected?

Your existing links are respected and will not be affected.

Is there a cost for this program?

No. In fact, for any within the community that are paying for our affiliate software, when you opt into this program, we will comp your current subscription, starting with the next billing period.