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Image of Noah the AffiliateGPT

Meet Noah, your AffiliateGPT assistant.

What will you do with all your free time and extra money now that Noah is on your team?

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Deep Links Placed, and Counting


New Clicks on Creator's Sites


Unique Visitors

The Reviews Are In

“My clicks and sale through have gone up 50%. Noah is a timesaver, and as bloggers, there’s so much that we have to do that you need to take some things off of your plate. Noah will take affiliates off your plate. It’s been a lifesaver for me.”

Wendy McMonigle

“I appreciate and am amazed at how it is able to go into my older posts and insert links into there.”

Donna Stephens

Noah turns your posts into profits.

Graphic showing bar graph of before Affiliate GPT with Shared Vision, that has has the potential to change your earnings potential Graphic showing bar graph of Affiliate GPT with Shared Vision and how it has the potential to change your earnings potential

Automates Deep Linking

Noah will automatically scan your content and add affiliate links for you

Always Working

Noah works 24/7 checking for broken links and product updates

Powerful Widget

Noah adds a beautiful and helpful shopping widget to enhance your reader experience


Noah is continuously learning how to earn you more money.

Case Study — Riley the OG Blogger

Meet Riley, she began adding affiliate links sporadically onto her blog 3 years ago and has monetized ~300 posts. But, Riley has over 3,500 old posts and recognizes how important it is to start earning off of her old content. She decides that she will add affiliate links to 4 old posts a week.

After a few hours of work, Riley does the math and realizes that at 4 posts a week, over a one-year period, she will spend at least 300 hours and still only monetize ~200 posts…

Riley considers her VA to do that work. At $15/h she will spend $4,500 for the first year alone.

With 3,200 posts to monetize, it will take Riley 16 years or $72,000. If she does it herself, it’ll be 4,800 hours. That is time that Riley does not have. Riley looks for other solutions.

She turns to her friend KariAnne who she notices has every page monetized on her blog. Riley learns from KariAnne about Shared Vision and their AI, Noah.

Riley subscribes to Noah and installed the plugin onto her website.

In less than 24 hours Noah read every post and saved every product that Riley had ever shared.

Noah then took those products and contextually added them across Riley’s entire website. He additionally looked for new opportunities in products that Riley had not shared and contextually added products relevant to each page, considering Riley’s previous products, preferences, and sponsorships.

Noah automatically hyperlinked key words, added a product picture carousel and shopping lists onto her pages. Riley was ecstatic.

Every day Riley earned off of the product clicks, generating enough income to take that trip with her family she had been planning for so long.

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