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In February of 2023, Shared Vision was encouraged to apply to the Sacramento Kings Capitalize competition. Sacramento Capitalize has been an annual startup competition run by the Sacramento Kings since 2016.

“Capitalize has rallied the Sacramento region’s entrepreneurial ecosystem around this annual pitch event and fan voting experience to support and promote more than 100+ local startups while showcasing new products and services on the NBA’s global stage.”

-Sacramento Kings Capitalize 2023

The Sacramento Kings added Capitalize Technology this year, specifically designed for innovative early-stage tech entrepreneurs. Shared Vision was founded in 2019 and is proud to be a part of the Sacramento community and is thankful to be counted alongside other great Sacramento startups: Ravata Solutions, App Orchid Inc. and 3D Organic Polymer Silk.

The Capitalize contest was a truly exhilarating experience for its contestants and it is thrilling to announce that Shared Vision took home the top prize!

Screenshot announcing Shared Vision as the Sacramento Kings 2023 Capitalize Technology Winner for Affiliate Marketing SaaS

Throughout the Capitalize contest experience, Shared Vision had the opportunity to receive pitch coaching, participate in workshops and presentations to investors, executives and the community. This included a chance for Spencer Bardsley, the CEO and Founder of Shared Vision, to perform his pitch in a front of high schoolers at the Venture Lab in Roseville. These high schoolers are a part of Growth Factory’s Roseville Rising entrepreneurship program, which gives students an opportunity to learn about how businesses work and interact with local founders.

After Shared Vision’s first pitch was given to the group, Spencer received several questions, comments and suggestions. Many of the students wondered how an affiliate tool like Shared Vision wasn’t already a product on the market. It was not only a great experience for Spencer to hear in-person feedback but for the students as well. Shared Vision was one of the first start-ups to meet with the Roseville Rising group and connect with many of the young aspiring entrepreneurs while sharing the story behind Shared Vision. It was during this pitch opportunity that Spencer met Philena, who has since become an intern for Shared Vision and an intricate part of the company’s journey through the Capitalize competition.

Photo of Shared Vision and CEO Spencer Bardsley giving presentation

When the official pitch day in front of the Capitalize judging team came, Spencer absolutely nailed it. He took every detail the Roseville Rising students suggested and used it to present a polished and well-thought-out pitch. Throughout every slide, he exuded confidence while clearly explaining how Shared Vision can revolutionize the affiliate market. The judges followed with many questions as they were instantly drawn into the idea of helping creators and brands make more money through affiliate links.

Our intern, Philena, who saw both pitches said, “It was a complete 180 from the first time he presented. Spencer made Shared Vision clear and really showed his passion for the product.”

After all eight start-up pitches were presented, Shared Vision was announced as a Top-Four finalist! From there, the companies were asked to get help from their followers and supporters to try and win the People’s Choice vote. Voting took place on the NBA website and on Twitter. Shared Vision was supported by some wonderful creators who used their social platforms to help bring in votes for the competition. “We are so grateful to have such supportive followers, friends and family that have helped Shared Vision every step of the way and truly believe in our mission,” said Spencer.

Screenshot of tweet announcing Shared Vision as the Sacramento Kings 2023 Capitalize Technology Winner for Affiliate Marketing SaaS

On March 24th, Shared Vision and the 3 other finalist companies were treated like “Kings” with executive suite seats, amazing hospitality and an incredible view of the entire Golden One Arena. Walking into the Kings vs Suns game, “Tech Night” took over all the big screens and filled the arena with excitement. During this time, Spencer and Philena had the opportunity to meet the amazing Sacramento Kings staff and community members, while enjoying the game.

Selfie at halftime announcing Shared Vision as the Sacramento Kings 2023 Capitalize Technology Winner for Affiliate Marketing SaaS

Throughout small breaks within the game, a 30-second clip from each start-up company was shown on the big screen followed by a live video of the founders on the court. When it was Shared Vision’s turn, Spencer and Philena were escorted down to the court, where they had the chance to watch the Kings play for a few minutes! During the timeout, Shared Vision’s introduction video played for the whole arena to watch. Spencer and Philena got to wave to the big screens along with a surprise appearance of the Sacramento Kings mascot, Slamson!

Photo with King's mascot announcing Shared Vision as the Sacramento Kings 2023 Capitalize Technology Winner for Affiliate Marketing SaaS

Around half-time, the Capitalize founders informed Shared Vision that they were the winner of this year’s competition! The King’s crew then escorted down Spencer and Philina back to the court again to announce the winner of Capitalize to the public. “The excitement of the game and the competition was beyond what we could have expected. Right before we were ushered onto the court, the Kings had made a huge play and the crowd was ecstatic so that added to their excitement for us winning and added to the exhilaration of being there! It was such an incredible experience”, Spencer recollected, after being presented a jumbo-sized check for ten thousand dollars.

Photo announcing Shared Vision as the Sacramento Kings 2023 Capitalize Technology Winner for Affiliate Marketing SaaS with check given at halftime on court

“Shared Vision is honored to win such a high-caliber competition,” said Spencer Bardsley, “The mentorship we received throughout the contest and the prize package provided will help to propel our business forward and we are thrilled to see what comes next thanks to the Sacramento Kings, Dialpad and City of Sacramento.”

To learn more about Shared Vision and why the Capitalize contest loved us, check it out here. Go, Kings!