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Referral Program – Terms and Conditions

Last updated: March 22, 2023

There is no maximum amount of referrals you can receive, so send out the link to as many of your friends as you would like! This link will work for them all. However, we encourage you to be considerate—no one likes spam. You’ll also get credit for anyone who finds us through one of your shopping lists and signs up for Shared Vision. So, make sure to include our lists in your posts!

Please note:

Shared Vision reserves the right to cancel or make updates to the Referral Program at any time. Occasionally, we will make updates to the language, but the essence of the Program will remain the same. These changes may occur without notice.

By using this service, you agree to release Shared Vision from any liability arising from any issues or errors that may occur while using the service. Shared Vision makes no guarantees or warranties as to the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the service, and you use it at your own risk. You agree to hold Shared Vision harmless and indemnify us against any claims, demands, damages, or losses arising from your use of the service.

That being said, Shared Vision will in good faith make sure that all tracking systems will be up and running to meet the referrals that you signup. You are our greatest asset, if you feel like your referrals are not being tracked, or there is an issue, please contact Spencer immediately at


You will receive payment upon successful signup thirty days after Shared Vision receives payment for the referred person’s paid membership. The payment will be made through Shared Vision’s payment processing partner.

This offer cannot be combined with other Shared Vision promotions, unless specified, and is void where prohibited.

Want even more value out of Shared Vision? If you have plenty of creator friends and are a Shared Vision power user, you might qualify for our SVIP Program. SVIPs are our most exclusive members and will earn additional financial incentives from the revenue generated by their referrals. For more information and to submit an application, visit our SVIP page.


We know you love Shared Vision, and we want to reward you for it. If you qualify for our SVIP program, we will give you up to 40% of the revenue generated by the referrals you make. That means for every person that signs up for a Pro+ membership using your link, you’ll receive 40% of their first billing. To qualify for this exclusive VIP program, you must agree to the following stipulations until December 31, 2023:

  • You must maintain a Shared Vision account and create at least one shopping list every two weeks.
  • You must post a Shared Vision shopping list on your blog, Instagram, Facebook, or other social media account a minimum of once every two weeks.
  • You must participate in at least one SVIP feedback session via Zoom once every two months. You may also be asked to provide feedback via surveys or email.
  • You must join the Shared Vision SVIP Facebook Group.
  • You must positively and effectively promote Shared Vision. This may include promotion in your blogs, in emails to your subscribers, or at conferences you attend.
  • If you fail to meet any of the above stipulations, you may be removed from the SVIP Program without prior notice. You will still earn referral rewards at the regular Shared Vision Referral Program rate.

You must agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • You will receive the referral payment via a one-time payment. This payment will be calculated at 40% of the purchase price of the referred individual’s annual membership payment.
  • If the referred individual signs up with a discount, you will receive 40% of the discounted membership amount.
  • You will receive the referral payment via the email you used to sign up for Shared Vision. Shared Vision is not responsible for the loss of the referral fee in the event that this email address is compromised.
  • If Shared Vision updates the cost of the annual membership, you will receive 40% of the new price.
  • You will receive payment 30 days after the referred individual pays for an annual agreement. You will not receive the referral payment if their membership is canceled or the payment does not clear.
  • You will only receive payment if your unique referral link is used to make the purchase. You may also receive credit if a user signs up after clicking the Shared Vision logo on one of your posts.
  • If the referred individual renews their Shared Vision membership, you will not receive any additional payments. You will only receive payment when the individual first signs up for Shared Vision at the Pro+ annual rate.
  • If the referred individual purchases a monthly membership instead of an annual membership, you will receive a one-time fee at the same rate as the regular Referral Program.
  • There is no maximum amount of referrals you can receive credit for.
  • Shared Vision reserves the right to cancel or modify the SVIP program at any time.
  • Shared Vision reserves the right to revoke SVIP program membership for individual creators for any reason.
  • The SVIP program is void where prohibited.
  • The terms and conditions of this SVIP program apply to referrals made in 2023 only.