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Tired of the affiliate grind?Want to save time?Searching for new revenue?Trying to leverage AI?

New Income Stream

Brands bid to place links on your site. You get paid with every click.

The Future is PPC

This is the evolution of paid search and affiliate marketing.


Use AI to automatically find the perfect spot to place links.

"It's like paid search and affiliate marketing had a baby."Brands bid to place links in your content.The AI immediately places and updates links.You get paid for every click.

How It Works

You create.
Example of your blog with no affiliate links.

Our AI quickly scans your content, finds the right keywords, then boom – automatically inserts the best links.

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Noah AI for affiliate marketing graphic with magnifying glass.
The AI generates revenue.
Example of your blog full of affiliate links automatically added by AI Noah

Brands bid on these links, and you get paid every time someone clicks! It’s that simple. — view demo.
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It’s smarter, less work, and you get paid per click

Our AI gets to know your content. Then, it seamlessly adds links where they make sense. Brands pay, you earn – it’s a win-win-win!

Why choose Shared Vision?

We place links in your under-utilized content based the context of the page.

A primary difference is that it is automated across your entire site. brands are bidding for that hyperlink and every time one of your readers clicks one of these links, you get paid.

Any link or affiliate link that you have previously placed will be respected and remain unchanged.

Start getting paid from brand's PPC budgets!

Shared Vision is partnered with brands who will pay to have no-follow/sponsored links placed for products and services.

Once you opt-in to the PPC program, your website will be eligible to have these PPC links contextually placed in your content, optimizing your ability to monetize your website content.


Look, we know you're passionate about what you create.

Monetizing shouldn't take away from that. What if it could actually... be fun? Let us take some of that load off your shoulders. It's smarter, less work, and did we mention: you get paid per click!

Our AI has already placed hundreds of thousands of deep links for our affiliate management tool, and now we're ready to take it to the next level with you and PPC.


Deep Links Placed on Creator Sites by Shared Vision.


New Clicks for Creators
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Applying and getting started takes less than 5 minutes.

“As busy creators and bloggers, this simple solution will transform the way you work.”

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