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It’s the most wonderful time of the year and no house embodies the magic that comes from this season better than the White House. Each year over 300 volunteers from around the country work together to adorn the rooms of this 1800s building with the colors and sights of the season.

While the White House needs no help to shine, the effort of these volunteers infuses light, warmth, and childlike wonder into rooms that have housed the history of the United States.

This year we want you to be able to have a little bit of the White House opulence in your home by sharing look-a-like products and designs that you can easily implement into your own home or share with your followers.

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Snow Draped Trees

Simple lights enhance the natural beauty of the trees

The Grand Foyer is graced with an array of simple decorated evergreens. The soft white lights and snow enhance the beauty of the trees leaving a sense of enchantment as the Santa’s reindeer fly overhead. (See the Grand Foyer Here)

This look can be accomplished at home by using a 3-4 foot Christmas tree, live or artificial, a Christmas tree collar, fairy lights, and fluffy indoor snow.

Vintage Paper Trees

When you think of holiday decor does a paper tree come to mind? These vintage paper trees are used in the Library, which has been made to look like a child’s room, to bring in whimsy and warmth. (Check out the Library)

They are made from old book pages, some glue, and a styrofoam cone. Then simply set a top three books to add charm to the table. You can learn how to make them here.

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Snowy Garland

Flocked and dripping in icicle drops

This stunning flocked garland draped in teardrop glass ornaments and silver mercury glass, embellishes a landing, carrying the mystical feeling from room to room. (As seen here)

The list below holds all the necessary tools to get this look and the ones mentioned above. Feel free to use these ideas and links to share with your audience and let’s help spread the magic of the season.

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