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You Spoke & We Listened

We are proud to introduce a gorgeous makeover of the Shared Vision shopping list! This shopping cart widget embeds directly into your blog or can be added to any of your social media posts. It now includes more appealing photos and a user-friendly layout that highly encourages your followers to “Add to cart”!

Our “floating list” will stay on the screen while your reader moves throughout your post. This enables them to find all the products you have recommended throughout the post, meaning they can build their cart with ease as they view your recommendations—truly a win for everyone.

Screenshot of Shared Vision Affiliate Marketing Widget and Embed

A Shared Vision shopping list is attractive and intuitive whether on desktop or mobile. These new updates are automatic meaning all previous posts, that have our lists, will be automatically updated.

Check out the new designs for yourself by creating a new shopping list here. (The post title can be customized.)

Desktop View of Shopping List

Screenshot of Shared Vision Affiliate Marketing Embed Tool

Mobile View

Screenshot of Shared Vision Affiliate Marketing Embed Tool on Phone

Screenshot of Shared Vision Affiliate Marketing check out tool

The sleek new look to the shopping list will fit seamlessly in all the places you use affiliate links and will create a shopping experience for your readers and followers that they can’t get anywhere else!

Want to make your lists in step with your branding and layout? You can add your branding to your lists and make them fit seamlessly with your formatting, by signing up for the Pro or Pro+ version of the Shared Vision tool.

The changes we are making to our tools only happen because of the feedback that we have received from Creators like you! We are continually working to make further enhancements to your follower’s experience and to make things simpler for you in the creative process. If you have any feedback, please fill out our 60-second survey and let us know.

*If you are still using iFrames Switch to our new plugin today.